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    Join Order: Max Ken Mae Arthur Pelle Kokichi Vankar Joghurt Guntz Earnest Lyle Musashi
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    Shining Force Alternate

    The downloadlink in the mod description only leads to the 1.1b update, not the d. And the download button on the mod page leads to your Graphical Update Mod just a headsup
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    Shining Force Alternate

    Question on that, can I keep my save from the "little fix" version or do I have to start over ? (I am in Battle 4 of Chapter 1) Great work so far, i love the mod!
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    Shining Force - Brothers Mod

  5. Urgat

    Shining Force 1; 12 Man Marathon V. 1.0.0

    English please!
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    SFA Shining Force Alternate all things should be
  7. Urgat

    Force Member Ultra Peter

    my opinion ;-)
  8. Urgat

    Which Palette do you prefer?

    4th > 2nd > rest... the 1st and 3rd are just bland as Erikin said. The highlighted areas, make it more dynamic.
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    Suggestion Request - Nei Second & Diego's favorite Rpg Girls

    And while we're on it, why not the protagonist Nigel ;-)
  10. Urgat

    Greetings from Germany

    Hey guys, I've been playing Shining Force since 1992, it was and kinda still is my favourite Game(s). I think this side is a great Idea and has such potential to be the starting point for new mods and I want to contribute what I can.
  11. Urgat

    Ideas for new Fighting Classes

    Here are some Ideas I just had, some are more on the funny side: ANGL - Angel DEMN - Demon VAMP - Vampire SPHR - Superhero (Like a typical Superman) BNTH - Bountyhunter (I imagine a class that can wield bow and axe)